Escort Amsterdam Annie is new in this business and she said that her hobby is to please men and to fell spoiled like a queen.

She has an amazing body and a gorgeous face and to top up that, she has a friendly personality. She would like to meet you everyday and to show you her way to see world.

Any discerning gentleman she meets will be both soothed and enthralled by Annie’s long, hair, which is mesmerizing, and her smooth, sensual curves, which have an electrifying erotic charge.

She is undoubtedly among the top high-class courtesans that Amsterdam escorts has to offer. Beyond her hot body and undeniable talent for elevating the art of pleasure, what truly distinguishes her as a true courtesan is her natural gift for eroticism and sincere enthusiasm for her service.

Annie differs from other Amsterdam escorts because of this. Nothing is more sensational than a seductive escort going above and beyond to fulfill your fantasies and give you ecstatic delight.

166 cm / 5.5 ft
55 kg / 120 lbs
36 D

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