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Nuru Massage Amsterdam

Glide massage or body slide massage and is lately most favorite erotic massage service for men and couples

Fully Professional Nuru Massage Amsterdam


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Get a massage with happy ending and more each time

Nuru Massage is the latest trend in sex services reaching in Amsterdam. Many people know it as glide massage or body slide massage and is lately most favorite erotic massage service for men and couples seeking a new form of sexual pleasure and ultimate stimulation.

This type of massage is a Japanese massage performed with a special gel called nuru gel which is super slippery and comfortable on your skin. Nuru means in Japanese slippery.

The nuru gel used is colourless and odourless. This gel will let the masseuse slide up and down on your body this giving you an amazing sexual pleasure.

The masseuse will slide her naked body against yours until she makes you cum.

We recommend you to be able to get the total satisfaction to book 90 minutes or 2 hours a combi of massage and full service and here you will get her naked body rubbing your body and then your dick can slide in her and cum in an explosive way.

Nuru massage is perfect for men and couples

. Try it now. Call DM Models and make an appointment.
What is happening during a Nuru Massage?
Imagine yourself on a bed, with white sheets, dim light and naked. Lay on your belly and anticipate that something super horny will happen to you.

Small drops of warm gel will just hot your back and soft hands begin to rug your body. At some point you feel something bigger and heavier laying on you.

That’s her body, with her sexy boobs starting to glide slowly on your body. She will touch in a pleasant way all your body and when she feels you are all worked up and horny will turn you around.

Feel her naked pussy rubbing and gliding against your body. The rest you must book a nuru massage to find out. This is what is happening during a session but multiply it by 10.

Book a nuru massage Amsterdam now to experience the one and only slippery erotic massage.

What do I need to prepare for a Nuru Massage session?
If you are in a hotel call the housekeeping and ask for few big towels extra. Is always best to cover your bed to protect it from the nuru gel. The nuru masseuse will try to do her work as clean as possible and not spill any gel around.

If you are in your home please prepare some clean towels or a clean sheet for the masseuse to use on your bed.

The masseuse will come fresh showered to you so please expect her fresh showered as well. At the end she will need to have a place where she can clean herself. Best is to have also a clean towel for herself.

If you enjoyed your session keep her name in mind for future booking or send us a feedback. We would be very happy to hear about your experience.

Call now or send a simple WhatsApp message and we will send you a lady for a nuru massage within 30 minutes. You can use our booking form aswell.

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